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How to visit Salt Mine in Wieliczka from Krakow

No stay in Krakow would be considered successful without a visit to the impressive Salt Mine in Wieliczka. The Krakow salt mine is one of the most popular attractions of Poland, visited by about a million visitors annually. In this short report you can read everything about visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mine – why, where and how. Discover!

Before we move on to the practical aspects of visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mine from Krakow, let’s analyze what makes the tour so special and whether it is worth doing.

Why worth to seeing!!

A salt mine near Krakow, one of the oldest monuments in Poland inscribed in UNESCO, which has been operating continuously since the 13th century. Consisting of chapels, chambers, altars carved from salt by miners, it is an inspiring monument to human creativity! The mine is not only valued for its historical and artistic value, but is also very popular with pilgrims. The salt mine is very large, reaching 327 meters underground and covering over 287 km of passages and chambers. It’s hard to imagine? One of the main reasons why tourists visit the salt mine are the magnificent sculptures and underground lakes, and it is also part of the history of this unique and surreal environment. Others are more interested in what life was like for miners and learn about its geological features.

The Salt Mine in Wieliczka offers visitors a wide variety of sightseeing options, both for individuals and children. No matter what your interests are, you are sure to find a specially designed route that is right for you. You also have the option to select multiple attractions on one ticket, see below for more information.

What to do in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

The tourist route is one of the most popular ways of visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mine. It allows you to reach the surreal beauty of this mine. As you walk you will see stunning sculptures, chambers carved out of salt, murals, and chandeliers. If you choose this option, the tour will start at the Daniłowicz Shaft, from where you will go down the stairs (about 350 steps) to a depth of 135 m underground. As you traverse the route of approximately 3 km through the winding corridors, you will encounter one beautiful sight after another and get information from your guide about the various legends associated with the mine. In some rooms the acoustics are great. That is why a special light show over underground lakes with music by Chopin is planned on this route. The highlight of the trip is undoubtedly a visit to the Chapel of St. Kinga, because it is the only underground temple in Europe. It is adorned with breathtaking works of art carved out of salt. At the end, a pleasant surprise awaits you, as you will return to the ground floor via the elevator, so you don’t have to go back up the 350 steps.

Practical information about the tourist route:

– You can book this tour here if you need an English speaking guide. Total time for this experience is 2.5 hours plus transport from Krakow. -Children of all ages are allowed on the tour, although be aware that a lot of walking is involved. -Comfortable shoes are essential during the tour

A trip to the Salt Mine in Wieliczka

The most popular way to explore Wieliczka is to join an organized trip from Krakow. There are many options for tours, from small group tours to private tours, as well as tours that include a visit to Wieliczka with other sites such as Auschwitz. A guided tour is the best way to visit the salt mine from Krakow as the local guide will take care of all the necessary details upon arrival at the mine. This can be very helpful as it is chaotic in high season, with lots of people and long lines.

Worth knowing:

Guided tours to Wieliczka from Krakow usually last 4-5 hours, including transfers. To help you choose the best day trip to Wieliczka from Krakow, here are some of the best options we offer:

Guided tour with private transfer

The best combined trip to Wieliczka and Auschwitz

group guided tour from Krakow to Salt Mine

Most tours include transport to the mine and an admission ticket. Please note that all tours and tickets do not include a photo permit, which must be purchased prior to exploring. It is not expensive, it is just an extra formality.

Practical information about visiting the Salt Mine

If you plan to visit Wieliczka with a tour from Krakow, you won’t have to worry about any practical aspects as the tour operators will take care of it all. However, if you choose to visit individually, it will be good to know a few things that may help you.

Opening hours:

The most popular tourist route is open daily from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm in high season and from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in low season. Find out more here.

Entrance fee (ticket):

Tickets for the tourist route cost around PLN 100 for adults and around PLN 70 for children and students. You can pay in cash or by credit card. You can buy tickets online or upon arrival. Children up to 4 years old are free of charge.

How to get to Wieliczka from Krakow

Mine is about 15km southeast of Krakow so it’s quite a good way to get there.


As already mentioned, an organized tour is the easiest way to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine from Krakow.

By bus

Take the bus number 304, which departs from Galeria Krakowska. Get off the bus at the Wieliczka Salt Mine station, which is located 5 minutes on foot from the mine. The bus departs every 20 minutes and the journey will take approximately 30-40 minutes.


Transport minivans are popular in Poland. You can take a minibus towards the Main Railway Station in Krakow to Wieliczka Rynek.

By car:

If you do opt for a driver, you will need a parking budget. There is a lot near the entrance to the Daniłowicz Shaft.

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